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Lonely Creatures

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Daniel Catán once referred to composers as “lonely creatures” and as a member in good standing of that peculiar cohort, he too was willingly doomed to eternal creative seclusion by his craft. Perhaps also like composers who choose to write for the stage, Catán admitted…

Verdi and the Cult of 19th Century Personality

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FAIR WARNING TO PURISTS: POTENTIALLY OFFENSIVE COMPARISONS TO FOLLOW. If Franz Liszt was the 19th century Elvis, then Giuseppe Verdi was their Andrew Lloyd Webber (see above). The stories of Liszt’s rock star persona and swoon-inducing concerts are legion (and possibly a bit exaggerated, but…

Snake Oil

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By the time Gaetano Donizetti wrote L’elisir d’amore, all of the nagging questions regarding his talent had been answered. It may be hard to imagine the reputation of Verdi’s most direct forebear in doubt for even a moment, let alone a decade, but there was…