Backstage at Utah Opera

Fitting a Wig in Of Mice and Men

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Have you ever wondered about the physical elements that turn an opera singer into the character? Here’s a behind the scenes look at the process Wigs and Make-up Designer Yancey Quick goes through fitting and styling a wig for Sara Gartland, the soprano playing Curley’s…

Opera goes to the dogs.

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Operas can be difficult enough to pull off, but that’s even more true when you add an animal to the mix. What if you add two? I’d like you to meet the two dogs who have joined our cast for Of Mice and Men: Sabbie…

Ranch Hand Denim.

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I was chatting with Rose, the Costume Director, about the costumes for Of Mice and Men. You would think that outfitting a bunch of men with work shirts and denim would be easy, but it’s not! Here’s a picture of some of the rejected pants…