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Trovatore and Tradition

Posted by Paula Fowler in Program Notes

By the time Verdi began writing operas in the 1830s, the art form of opera had been around for centuries, so people arrived at the theatre with specific expectations. Among the elements generally anticipated were a big chorus scene to open the show, major act-ending…

Verdi and the Cult of 19th Century Personality

Posted by Jeff Counts in Program Notes

FAIR WARNING TO PURISTS: POTENTIALLY OFFENSIVE COMPARISONS TO FOLLOW. If Franz Liszt was the 19th century Elvis, then Giuseppe Verdi was their Andrew Lloyd Webber (see above). The stories of Liszt’s rock star persona and swoon-inducing concerts are legion (and possibly a bit exaggerated, but…

The Weapons of Il Trovatore

Posted by Utah Opera in Props

I don’t think I’ll be giving anything away if I tell you that there might be a swordfight or two in Il Trovatore. Which means a whole table of swords for the cast: Maybe a crossbow or two: And what opera is complete without a…

Opera Props for Il Trovatore

Posted by Utah Opera in Props

The cast from Il Trovatore is here, and my human is very busy getting props together. I had Opera Gal take this photos for you: I think props are the best part of an opera! (And I’m not just saying that because the Propsmaster gives…

Carts full of fabric!

Posted by Opera Gal in Costumes

The fun thing about the Utah Opera Costume Shop is that treasure lurks around every corner. You never know when you’ll turn around and hit your shin on a cart that is just filled to the brim with fabric!