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Aìda –  For the reader

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Budden, Julian                                  Budden’s 3-volume study of the operas of Verdi is definitive.     His discussion of Aïda, sometimes a bit technical for the non-musician, is in the third volume. Busch, Hans                                        Verdi’s Aïda: The History of an Opera in Letters and Documents is a collection of…

Making it Real

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Like many opera composers in the late 19th century, Giacomo Puccini aimed for a greater ‘truth in theatre’ than had existed in operas of the past century. The established bel canto opera tradition of the time included all kinds of conventions that resulted in operas focused more on the technical abilities of…

Tosca: Director’s Notes

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When asked to write notes, directors usually comment on their concept or “take” on the piece. I am not shy about re-thinking the time or place of an opera to provide a fresh way of experiencing a work, but Puccini’s masterpiece needs no such re-thinking. The story, based on a…