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Q & A with Michael Chioldi

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How were you first introduced to opera?  Growing up in an Italian-American family outside of Pittsburgh, PA, I can remember my grandfather Guglielmo listening to the Texaco Metropolitan Opera radio broadcasts. The Chioldi family originates from Parma, Italy, and carries a very old Italian name. The Chioldis worked on facades of churches…

Strauss’ Salome – Share Your Review!

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  We want to know what you thought of our production of Strauss’ Salome. Please share your review with us on Twitter using the hashtag #utahopera Your thoughts can’t be contained in 140 characters? No problem! Please add your review in the comments below.

Strauss’ Music

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RICHARD STRAUSS 1864 – 1949 Very few composers have achieved equal success in both the Concert Hall and the Opera House. Bach spent much of his life providing music for the services at Leipzig’s Thomaskirche, so his opportunities to compose for either CH or OH…

Sonic Salomes

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Richard Strauss was well aware of the challenge posed by his eponymous heroine: she should be, he said, a fifteen-year-old with the voice of an Isolde. Marie Wittich, who created the role of Salome, was a noted interpreter of Wagnerian heroines; she voiced many objections…

Salome – The Story and Music

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Two musical masterpieces open with an ascending clarinet scale which immediately establishes the mood for what is to come. In George Gershwin’s 1924 Rhapsody in Blue, the opening clarinet lick takes us inside a smoke-filled dive in New Orleans, where the alcohol may well be…

Salome’s Orchestra

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Piccolo. 3 Flutes. 2 Oboes. English Horn. Heckelphone*. 2 Clarinets in A. 2 Clarinets in Bb. Bass-clarinet in Bb. 3 Bassoons. Contrabassoon. 6 French Horns. 4 Trumpets. 4 Trombones. Bass Tuba. 4 Kettledrums. 1 small kettledrum. Percussion (6-7 players): Gong; Cymbals; Bass Drum; Snare Drum;…

A Wilde Source for Salome

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Salome is not mentioned in the New Testament: at least, not by name. Only two of the evangelists, Mark and Matthew, mention the execution of John the Baptist: Mark writes that “Herodias’ daughter came in and danced,” while Matthew just says “the daughter of Herodias”…