Silk, Spices, and Food

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One of the key ways to experience a culture is through food. The food we eat depends on where we’re from and what the land has made available. Experimenting with these resources is what inspires a chef and transforms a chef into an artist. As…

Turandot’s Characters and Story

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Cast of Characters: Princess Turandot soprano The Emperor Altoum, her father tenor Timur, the dispossessed King of Tartary bass Calàf, his son tenor Liù, a young slave-girl soprano Ping, Grand Chancellor (Mask) Baritone Pang, General Purveyor (Mask) Tenor Pong, Chief Cook (Mask) Tenor A Mandarin Baritone The Prince of Persia silent role The…

Puccini’s Musical Style

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Puccini’s work is viewed by historians as the culmination of the Italian bel canto tradition, a line that goes back to the works of 19th-century opera composers such as Bellini and Donizetti.  Although viewed as Verdi’s true successor, Puccini’s operas are infused with German and…