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La Traviata, Realism, and Marginality

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La Traviata is often cited as a progressive development in opera because it is concerned with portraying realistic stories of everyday people as opposed to mythical allegories that reflected the values and social position of the elite classes. However, the realism of La Traviata is…

La Traviata, A highlight reel

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In this page, we have a sort of “highlight reel” of notable moments from La Traviata. I have compiled these from a 2005 production by the Salzburg Opera that is freely available on Youtube in high resolution with English subtitles. Each link will have a…

La Traviata, Glossary and Works Cited

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Aria: a solo scene in an opera in which a character expresses inner feelings to the audience, roughly analogous to the Shakespearean soliloquy Brindisi: a drinking song, typically introduced as a toast by one character Cabaletta: the fast final part of a solo scene or…