Salome Costumes – One Glorious Coat

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Here is one costume piece that we are all in love with – Salome’s coat: It still needs a bit more work – the plan is that the circular shapes in the fabric will be highlighted and bejeweled. We’ll share an update with the finished…

Salome Costumes – Headdresses

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      With Salome opening in less than a month, the Costume Shop is hard at work finishing up the costumes and getting ready for fittings. I caught our milliner, Anna Marie, in the process of working on some headdresses. Here’s a quick peek!…

Costumes in progress for Florencia.

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The month before a production is interesting to watch in the Costume Shop, because it is full of half-finished costumes. The first costume fittings for the leads for Florencia didn’t happen until they started rehearsals last week. Now that the costumes have been fit properly,…

Painting Silk for Wings

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The kitchen at the Opera Production Studios has been host to a strange contraption the past few days: Anna Marie, our Crafts Artisan & Milliner, has been hard at work on some painted silk for one of the characters in Florencia en el Amazonas. Now…

Carts full of fabric!

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The fun thing about the Utah Opera Costume Shop is that treasure lurks around every corner. You never know when you’ll turn around and hit your shin on a cart that is just filled to the brim with fabric!