The Operas of Giuseppe Verdi

The Operas of Giuseppe Verdi

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OBERTO CONTE DI SAN BONIFACIO         Teatro alla Scala, Milan;   November 17,  1839.

UN GIORNO DI REGNO                                  Teatro alla Scala, Milan;   September 5,  1840.
(IL FINTO STANISLAO                     Teatro San Benedetto, Venice;  1845.)

NABUCODONOSOR                                        Teatro alla Scala, Milan;  March 9,  1842.

I LOMBARDI ALLA PRIMA CROCIATA       Teatro alla Scala, Milan;  February 11,  1843.

ERNANI                                                                                Teatro la Fenice, Venice;  March 9,  1844.

I DUE FOSCARI                                                  Teatro Argentina, Rome;  November 3, 1844.

GIOVANNA D’ARCO                                       Teatro alla Scala, Milan;  February 15, 1845.

ALZIRA                                                                  Teatro San Carlo, Naples;  August 12, 1845.

ATTILA                                                                  Teatro la Fenice, Venice;  March 17,  1846.

MACBETH                                                           Teatro della Pergola, Florence;  March 14, 1847.
(Revised Version                              Théâtre Lyrique, Paris;   April 19,  1865.)

I MASNADIERI                                                   Her Majesty’s Theatre, London;   July 22, 1847.

JÉRUSALEM                                                        Académie Royale de Musique, Paris;   November 26, 1847.
(This was, essentially, the music of I Lombardi adapted to a French libretto, which had little to do with the original Italian one;   some new music was composed.)

IL CORSARO                                                        Teatro Grande, Trieste;  October 25, 1848.

LA BATTAGLIA DI LEGNANO                        Teatro Argentina, Rome;  January 27,  1849.

LUISA MILLER                                                    Teatro San Carlo, Naples;  December 8,  1849.

STIFFELIO                                                            Teatro Grande, Trieste;  November 16,  1850.

RIGOLETTO                                                         Teatro la Fenice, Venice;   March 11, 1851.

IL TROVATORE                                                   Teatro Apollo, Rome;   January 19,  1853.

LA TRAVIATA                                                     Teatro la Fenice, Venice;   March 6, 1853.

LES VÊPRES SICILIENNES                               Académie Impériale de Musique, Paris;   June 13,  1855.

SIMON BOCCANEGRA                                   Teatro la Fenice, Venice;  March 12, 1857.
(Revised version                              Teatro alla Scala, Milan;  March 24,  1881.)

AROLDO                                                               Teatro Nuovo, Rimini;   August 16,  1857.
(This was a revision of the controversial Stiffelio, officially sanctioned by Verdi.  But by changing the hero from an early nineteenth-century “minister of the Gospel” into a thirteenth-century “Saxon knight” much of the plot’s relevant conflict is diluted).

UN BALLO IN MASCHERA                             Teatro Apollo, Rome;   February 17,  1859.

LA FORZA DEL DESTINO                                 Bolshoi Theatre, St. Petersburg, Russia;  November 10,  1862
(Revised version                              Teatro alla Scala, Milan;  February 27,  1869.)

DON CARLOS                                                     Académie Impériale de Musique, Paris;  March 11,  1867,
(Revised version in 4 Acts, and in Italian, – though Verdi, in various other revisions, always worked from the original French libretto –  Teatro alla Scala, Milan;  January 10,  1884.)

AIDA                                                                      Opera House, Cairo, Egypt;   December 24,  1871.

OTELLO                                                                 Teatro alla Scala, Milan;   February 5,  1887.

FALSTAFF                                                            Teatro alla Scala, Milan;   February 8,  1893.

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