Silk, Spices, and Food

Hong Kong Tea House

Silk, Spices, and Food

Posted by Opera Gal in Community, Turandot 18 Mar 2014

One of the key ways to experience a culture is through food. The food we eat depends on where we’re from and what the land has made available. Experimenting with these resources is what inspires a chef and transforms a chef into an artist. As part of the USUO Silk & Spices Festival, there are two special dinners that will help you explore different regional cultures of China through food.


Hong Kong Tea House

565 W 200 S


On March 19, the Hong Kong Tea House is hosting a special dinner that focuses on the food and culture of Southern China. This is a chance to learn about the history and tradition behind the food. Each dish will be introduced by the Hong Kong Tea House staff, explaining the history, technique, and ingredients.


The menu for this special dinner includes Fried Shrimp Ball, Peking Duck, Black Pepper Beef Short Ribs, Snow Pea Leaves stir-fried with garlic, Pork Tenderloin stir-fried with tender greens, Lotus Root Shrimp-paste patties, Golden Dragon chicken, House Special pan-fried noodles and dessert. The dinner will be held from 5:30-7pm, after which, you can go straight to Capitol Theatre and see a performance of Giacomo Puccini’s opera “Turandot” (the show starts at 7:30).


Ho Mei

3370 S State


On April 17, Ho Mei Restaurant will be hosting a special dinner that focuses on the food and culture of Northern China. Ho Mei is situated in Salt Lake City’s new Chinatown. The menu includes appetizers (Half Duck; Half Soy Sauce Chicken; A combination of Honey BBQ Pork/Spareribs) soup (Hot/Sour Soup; Seafood Tofu Soup) and entrees (Bei Fung Tong Lobster; Ginger Onion Crab; Walnut Shrimp; Peking Rib; Braised Beef Tenderloin in House Special Sauce; General Tso Chicken, Sizzling Eggplant; Sauteed Mixed Vegetable; Spicy String Bean). This dinner will be held from 5:30-7pm, and before or after, you can walk about the new Chinatown, experiencing a bit of Chinese culture and visiting grocery stores and gift shops.


Ticket Information

Tickets for both events are $30 a plate (does not include alcoholic beverages or tickets to the opera) and can be purchased by calling (801) 533 – NOTE. For more information about these events, please visit the USUO Education page


~ Traci Grant

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