Inside the Utah Opera Chorus: Part VI

Bryan Almond

Inside the Utah Opera Chorus: Part VI

Posted by Ginamarie Marsala in Utah Opera Chorus 18 Mar 2014

Bryan Almond is another of our valuable chorus members and Turandot is his last staged performance. He plans on writing for a publication and is going to focus on that for the next few years. We will truly miss his contributions to the Utah Opera. Turandot was the production that made Bryan decide to do opera as a career 15 years ago, but he never got to perform in Turandot until now.


How long have you been in the Utah Opera Chorus?

This is my 5th season with this company.


Tell us your favorite production or something unique that you’d like to share.

My favorite productions so far were Carmen (it was the most fun I’d had collaborating with other singers in Utah) and Florencia en al Amazonas (first staged Spanish opera I’ve done and a big fan of the music).


What does it feel like when you perform in a crowded theatre?

Performing for an audience is a very cathartic experience for me, especially if it’s an opera where I’m acting and in costume because I can lose myself in my imagination and not have to obsess about all of the things I obsess about in the preparation I’ve done. I especially like losing myself in characters, pretending to be someone else. It’s a less vulnerable way of performing yet more intimate at the same time. Being a frequent audience member, myself, I’m occasionally moved and inspired, I’m blessed to have had the opportunities where I’m on the giving end of those moments as well.


What is your current occupation?

I work in human resources for the Deer Valley ski resort in Park City.


Will you elaborate on your training in music?

I come from a very musical family. I was an instrumentalist from a young age until college in Chicago where I majored in music. I started my career with Chicago Symphony Chorus and Lyric Opera, interned with Milwaukee Symphony and Florentine Opera, continued studies in Leipzig Germany and toured as a soloist with a group from the Leipzig Thomaner Choir. I ended in Seattle, getting my Masters and studying with the Aspen Music Festival until coming to Utah to settle down into a simpler life.

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