National Opera Week – Voice Tip #3 – What Hoarseness can Mean

National Opera Week – Voice Tip #3 – What Hoarseness can Mean

Posted by Opera Gal in Uncategorized 30 Oct 2013

As part of National Opera Week we got some great tips from The National Center for Voice and Speech to keep your voice in tip-top shape. Check back all week for new tips!


Tip #3. Hoarseness or breathiness may signal a voice disorder.

It is normal for the average person to experience relatively short and infrequent periods of a “sore throat” or hoarseness due to a cold or an overly boisterous evening at a sports game, for example. However, if the symptoms do not subside, allowing the individual to return to their normal voice quality and level of use within the space of two weeks of easy and gentle voice use, they may be indicative of a more serious voice disorder. In this case, it would be advisable to seek out an otolaryngologist (Ear, nose, and throat specialist) or a speech-language pathologist who can help to identify the root causes of the symptoms and help to facilitate a return to vocal health. While it is not necessary to assume that every hoarse voice requires the attention of a specialist, individuals who use their voice as part of their vocation or avocation should certainly be vigilant in monitoring any abnormality in their performance abilities that does not seem to go away within a couple of weeks. Prompt diagnosis of vocal problems improves the chances that treatment can prevent irreparable damage.

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