The Opera Alligator in Il Trovatore

The Opera Alligator in Il Trovatore

Posted by Opera Gal in Props 02 Nov 2012

For those who don’t already know, our props master has a plastic alligator, about 18 inches long. For years now, the alligator has been camouflaged and placed somewhere in each Utah Opera production. If you can find the alligator, just email the ticket office at and you could win tickets to the next opera production!

Here’s the alligator from Il Trovatore:

Utah Opera alligator in Il Trovatore

There weren’t many places on the set to hide an alligator, but it was attached to the cart with all the gypsy props. You could see it briefly during the Anvil Chorus, and then for a bit longer when the gypsy procession was singing it’s way off stage.

Utah Opera alligator on the gypsy cart in Il Trovatore

Be on the lookout for the alligator when it makes it’s appearance in Florencia in el Amazonas!

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