Opera goes to the dogs.

Opera goes to the dogs.

Posted by Opera Gal in Productions 26 Apr 2012

Operas can be difficult enough to pull off, but that’s even more true when you add an animal to the mix. What if you add two? I’d like you to meet the two dogs who have joined our cast for Of Mice and Men:

Sabbie will be playing the part of Candy’s dog. Although Sabbie is a bit older, like Candy’s dog, she still looks young, so our Wig and Makeup Designer will be tasked with making Sabbie appear older. Sabbie is a member of our Technical Director’s family.

Rumi will play the part of the puppy. Rumi is only three months old, and he joins us from the local shelter. We’re hoping that he’ll have a new family to join by the end of the show. Quite a few people in the cast, crew, and company have already fallen in love with him!

We’ve had a variety of animals in past operas – dogs, horses, even an albino snake – but this is the first time we’ve had two animals in one show! Come see these two cuties in action – Carlisle Floyd’s Of Mice and Men, May 5-13.

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